Thursday, May 31, 2012

End of the Year Holland Hall Preschool - Hawaiian Style

William's class celebrated the end of the school year with a Hawaiian theme party.  Bebe was kind enough to come to Tulsa and keep Adeline so I could enjoy William's end of the year festivities with him. 

It was HOT the day of the party.  The kids were told wear Hawaiian surfer outfits (William happened to have a swimsuit combo perfect for the theme) and luckily, lunch was served in a shaded area. William's class divided up into color groups (William is red) which put 4 kids in our group.  There were different game stations spread across the lawn and a prize for each child.  William's favorite stations were jump rope, limbo, visor decorating and the bean bag toss.

After the kids completed the game stations, it was time to fly kites!  William was SUPER EXCITED about kite flying.  He raced over to Mrs. Overcash to find his kite and in a matter of seconds his kite was catching some serious wind!  William loved showing me how he decorated the kite and added streamers.  The kite flying area was in full on sunshine, so this pregnant mom was SO HOT after about 5 minutes of flying.  Thankfully, William was satisfied that his kite soared so quickly and we opted to seek the shade for a temporary tattoo decoration.

Once the party was over, all the moms headed home while the kids returned to their classroom for ice cream and desk clean up. 

William was really thrilled that I was able to come to the party and I am so glad I did!  He is always so proud to show me around school. 

Here's to preschool William!  You had such a great year with Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Overcash.  They stopped me before I left to tell me what a joy you are in their classroom and what a great, all around kid you are!  Now that makes this Mama's heart sing!


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