Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adeline's playgroup and fun with Jack

Adeline's little playgroup has been enjoying the beautiful weather.  Although we don't meet consistently, I always look forward to getting together with other moms who have kiddos Adeline's age. 
Jack is one of Adeline's buddies and his mom is Michelle.  I have posted about Michelle and Jack before, and I am so thankful for their friendship.  Michelle is such a gracious hostess - always inviting us over to play (a nice change from the apartment!) and always willing to settle in for an impromptu adventure with our kids.  She has a great backyard and playroom that are PERFECT for playgroup.  So, our little people tend to gather at her house a few times a month.
On Wednesday, Adeline and I stopped by Jack's house to play with his water table.  When Adeline woke up from her morning nap, I said, "Let's go see Jack!" and she said, "Jaaaaacccccchhhhh!"  Then I said, "Let's go splashhhhhhhh with Jack in the water!" and she said, "spppplllllllllassshhhhhhhh!"  Squeals of delight and lots of kicking feet showed me just how pumped my girl was to go on her water date!

Michelle and I sat in the front yard while the babies played in the water.  They were hilarious in their swim suits and we just gushed over their big ol' legs and chunky bellies. 

On Wednesday, Michelle filled up the baby pool and invited a small playgroup of babies over to frolic in the water at The Backyard Country Club.  It was fun visiting with the moms and meeting a few new ladies in our group.  The kids loved being in the water and ran around the yard throwing balls and stealing each other's snacks. 

And last but not least, Jack turned one in May.  HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!  Michelle and Ryan hosted a darling first birthday party in their backyard on a glorious Saturday morning.  Our family had a great time celebrating Jack's special day and I am looking forward to sharing more of these special holidays with our good friends, The Souders! 

Thank you again Michelle!  You've welcomed us with open arms and it means the world to me!


Michelle said...

Ahhh thanks!
It's been so fun! I am so glad that Leslee thought to introduce us! Can't wait to watch our babes grow up together! XOXO

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