Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012 at the Philbrook

We had the pleasure of Bubba and Gram's company this Mother's Day weekend.  It's always a treat to see their smiling faces and William just ADORES them to pieces.  Bubba and Gram spend half the year in Florida and return to Oklahoma May-Nov.  I was eager to get them to Tulsa because we moved while they were in FL and I wanted them to see our new house, William's school and our Tulsa town in person!  We are SO GLAD that Bubba and Gram could come visit us on such a special weekend, Mother's Day!

I made reservations for Mother's Day brunch at the Philbrook Museum.  I thought we would all enjoy dining in such a magnificent setting among famous paintings and grand architecture.  Boy did we feast on some good food!  You just about had to roll us out of our chairs!  The food was delicious and the dining room had lovely ice sculptures with fresh flowers and pretty table linens. 

Once we were well fed, our group took a walk around the museum garden.   There are so many great photo spots at the Philbrook, but it was really sunny and I had trouble getting Adeline to look directly at the camera.  Nevertheless, Gram and I had fun taking pictures of the kids and the flowers surrounding the water fountains.  The weather was fantastic, but a little hot.  Dada got an excellent workout in his suit as he chased (more like ran) after Adeline ALL OVER the gardens.  She never stops exploring and I think Dada got a small taste of how I spend most of my days! 

We took our time and had a lot of fun together before leaving the museum.  Bubba and Gram took William back to the hotel so he could play on Gram's Ipad.  Gram wins first place in "best Ipad games ever."  She always seems to have the most entertaining games loaded on her Ipad and William clammers for a turn in her lap!  I think those two played games until their fingers turned blue and oh did my boy have a ball! 
After our downtime, we headed over to the new house so Gram and Bubba could see it in person and walk through our plans to remodel.  Gram had a list of furniture measurements for me and gave me some great ideas on furniture placement and colors.  Dan's parents have a POD full of antique furniture just waiting in the wings and I am looking forward to shopping inside it soon!  I feel so lucky to have a mix of new and old styles to display in our house.  There is something so special about a treasured piece of furniture or a certain accessory that has been in a family for generations.  I do hope to fit a few of Gram's treasures into our home, especially the silver tea service for our dining room.  It is going to look so pretty on top of Dan's grandmother's dining room set.  I am a lucky gal indeed!  Thanks Gram and Bubba!

And a shout out to Bubba for his guided tour of the lush garden we call our new "yard."  I think Dan and I inherited a gold mine of a yard as the former owner was a gardener with a passion for roses, hydrangeas, azaleas, and a number of green plants we have yet to know.  I mean, it's a serious least Bubba could walk me around the yard and say, "Pull that!  It's a weed!  Pull that!  It's worthless!"  HA!  Thanks Bubba!  Wanna come back when it's 100 degrees and help me out?  You know you want too!
Oh we had a ball!  I am so delighted that Bubba and Gram are in OKC and we are just 1.5 hours away.  It is going to be so fun to see their faces more often than we did while living in DC.  William is especially thrilled to have close access to his Bubba and Gram.  He was terribly sad when they had to leave on Sunday.  He cried and cried....oh that sweet boy of mine.  He loves with his whole heart.  Bubba and Gram, you are both a ray of sunshine to us and my kids simply adore you!  Happy Mother's Day and all the holidays in between!


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