Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Caps for sale! 50 cents a cap! - HH Preschool Production

 Tuesday was William's class play at Holland Hall.  All parents, siblings and grandparents were invited to watch the kids perform the play, "Caps for Sale!" It is about a peddler who sells caps and one day she takes a nap in the park and a bunch of monkeys steal her caps.  She gets upset and works with the monkeys to get her caps back.  It's pretty cute and was the perfect little story for 5 year olds.  At the end of the play, the class sang a few songs and invited their guests over to the snack table for refreshments. 
 Dada, Adeline and I were very excited to celebrate William's special day at school,  We are so thankful for Bebe who drove in the morning of the show so she could watch her grandson's acting debut. 
To set the stage, William came home from school a few weeks ago telling me how he had to try out for the class play by reciting sentences (or lines) with Ms. Overcash.  Every day after school I would ask him if he got a part in the show, and every day he'd tell me that he just didn't know.  He wasn't sure if he'd get a speaking part or not.......and then, ONE DAY he leaped into the car with a huge grin on his face and told me, "Mom! I got a part! I got a part in the class play!"  He was SO DELIGHTED. 
Each night we practiced his line:  "Once upon a time there was a peddler.  She was not an ordinary peddler.  She didn't carry wears on her back.  Instead, she carried them on top of her head."  It was quite a mouth full, but William had no problem memorizing it on the first try!

When Tuesday rolled around, I woke William up by shouting "Caps for sale!  Caps for sale!" as I walked through the house.  From under his covers I could hear a tiny voice squeal, "50 cents a cap!"  It made me laugh because I just knew how excited he was for "play day." 
Adeline, Dada, Bebe and I had front row seats for the big show.  This little lady was smiling ear to ear when she saw William take the stage.  I broke a big rule and brought her pacifier with me JUST in case she got a little impatient sitting in her chair. 

William was the first speaker and did a fantastic job.  He took the entire performance so seriously, spoke loud and clear and took his place on the top riser.  He glanced over at us just beaming with pride!

After the play, we enjoyed some pumpkin bread and fruit punch while Adeline made friends with the class gerbils.  Our little lady loves animals.  She wouldn't stop laughing and pointing at their faces.

Job well done WBB!  We were proud to watch our star shine on the big preschool stage!


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