Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day at Western Hills Guest Ranch

Several weeks ago when Adeline and I were out of town, William and Dada enjoyed a boy's weekend.  They headed to Western Hills Guest Ranch near Ft. Gibson Lake in Oklahoma.  William had such a great time and has talked about that trip every day since they returned .

Summary of WHGR -We are located in eastern Oklahoma on the shores of Fort Gibson Lake. We have an 18-hole golf course with pro shop, rentals are available. The marina offers boat rentals and sales, loading dock, gas dock, slip rental, paddle boats, personal watercraft, storage, and bait/tackle. Enjoy our equestrian trails, nature trails, fitness trails, mountain bike and hiking trails.  We are a Guest Ranch located in beautiful Sequoyah State Park, this rustic resort is a great western getaway for families with a newly remodeled swimming pool and splash pad.

 So last weekend, we booked a reservation and the whole family headed back to Western Hills Guest Ranch.  William was SO eager to show me around the grounds and I told him how this would be Adeline's first time this year to swim.  My boy grinned from ear to ear!  He just loves anything Adeline gets to do for the "first time."  Dada told us it was "rustic" yet fun for a night.

WHGR remodeled their swimming pool and added a splash pad - both were incentives to go.  It really is a great space for kids to enjoy and works GREAT for Adeline's age. 

We got there late Sunday afternoon and the kids suited up for the pool.  Adeline could tell something was about to happen because she was in a new place, saw us changing clothes, saw the pool gear, and watched Dada go in and out of the hotel room to get our luggage.  She bawled every time he walked away and I think she was nervous......perhaps we had a trick up our sleeves!

Once we were set, the 4 of us hit the pool.  Adeline LOVED the splash pad and explored the water fountains in pure delight.  She stomped in the water and clapped her hands in excitement.  I cracked up at these pictures because I think her swimsuit is hilarious.  I didn't bring her "cute" suits only because I knew it was going to be really hot and the pool gets direct sun.  So, I figured she otta be covered for her first dip of the season.  She looks like a chunky monkey!

When Adeline realized William was at the pool, she quickly ditched the splash pad.  Oh how she LOVED the swimming pool.  Her favorite thing to do was for us to hold her in our arms and she'd motor around on her tummy.  She had a great time being in the water with all the other kids.

Then we busted out her floating boat and she was even more content.  I think she sat in her boat for a hour just motoring around the pool watching all the people.  Personally, I am THRILLED she loves the boat because it frees me up to watch both kids in the water.  I can also toss rings and dive sticks to William.

And of course William - my champion swimmer.  Wow.  This kid is a whole new swimmer this summer.  He's under the water, diving to the bottom for rings, swimming through the deep end and jumping off the side every chance he gets.  I am so happy to see him know how to really swim!  This trip was also Dada's first time to watch William swim this year.  Dada was so impressed!  Way to go William!  I think you dove for rings for about 45 minutes nonstop.  Well done buddy!

Once we cleaned up, we had a good dinner in the dining room.  The food was "ok" but nothing to moan over.  The weather had cooled down a bit, so we played outside before the sun went down.  William found some rocks to add to his collection while Adeline found some dirt to eat.  Yum.

The kids fell asleep around 9:30 pm which is SOOOO late for Adeline.  But, she was having a great time on her vacation and sailed right through until she crashed for the night.  I told Dan we need stay at WHGR more often because our kids didn't wake up until 8:30 the next morning!  That's a record!

Sunday we stayed at WHGR long enough for the kids to get their fill of swimming.  I am sure we'll return a few more times over the summer too.  WHGR was a good place to get away for a night and the kids had such a great time.  That's what it's all about!


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