Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Hollis and Dallas trip!

Last weekend, Adeline and I flew to Dallas to celebrate our sweet cousin Hollis.  Adeline and Hollis are 2 months apart and May 2nd marked Hollis' first birthday.  We wouldn't miss seeing our favorite little lady turn ONE!

So Adeline and I left on Friday morning and met up with Bebe in Dallas.  This was the second time Adeline has been on an airplane.  The first time she flew was when we moved from D.C. to Oklahoma.  She was 6 months old and just laid in my lap the entire time.  This go around, she is 14 months of fast moving fun.  I knew the flight might be a challenge, but 55 minutes verse a 4+ hour car ride won over.  And I am glad we flew.  Adeline loved the airport.  She was captivated by all the sights and sounds.  We got the gate with lots of time to spare, so I let her out of the stroller and she walked all over the place.  She never stopped exploring! I think she ran around the airport for an hour before boarding.

 I packed a few of her favorite toys including her purple telephone.  This girl loves to talk on the phone.  Real or pretend, she will chat it up like a gossipin' teenager.  She talks to herself, busts out laughing, waves her hands around and says "ok bye-bye" before "hanging up" her call.  I can't imaging who she's talking too, but they sure have a lot of things to say to one another!

We boarded the plane without a hitch and I was thrilled that Adeline slept the entire flight (yeah! for walking her tail off!).  When we got off the plane, we found Bebe and Adeline's world was complete.  She LOOOVVVEEESSS her Bebe.  Oh the joy on her face when she was reunited with Bebe!  She climbed right into her seat and settled in for a weekend of shopping with the girls.

We spent Friday at North Park Mall and zipped around town to a few other stores as well.  We met up with Hollis' mommy for lunch and caught up on the exciting birthday plans.  My cousin Meredith is the ultimate creative soul with a gift for all things party.  It is ALWAYS so fun to see what she comes up.  After lunch we headed over to Hollis' house so the girls could play in the backyard while Bebe and I got to "ooooo" and "awwweee" over Meredith's new house.  Gorgeous!
Saturday morning I had the chance to eat breakfast with  Melissa.  She's my Theta little sis and we have stayed good friends ever since college.  Bebe watched Adeline and luckily, she took a morning nap which set the stage for another round of shopping!  This time we headed to Snider Plaza and played around in a few stores before heading to The Galleria.  I am going to brag a second and tell ya that my baby girl was the picture of perfection the entire trip.  She was so easy going, rode along in her stroller and was completely entertained by our adventures in the mall.  I am so blessed and thankful that she just rolls with the punches.

Saturday night Rachel flew in with Mac and Meme, Adeline and Hollis' great grandparents.  I tell ya, everyone was excited to celebrate Hollis and her first birthday!
So Sunday at 11am, we headed to the party!  Meredith chose the cutest theme:  April showers brought our May flower!  EVERYTHING was adorable.  The table centerpieces were rain boots filled with flowers, there were candy covered flower cupcakes, and the MOST DELICIOUS brunch ever.  Thank goodness I am pregnant and have a great excuse to try everything on the buffet.  twice.  YUM-O!
There was a clown who made all the guests balloon flowers and the ever popular water table was set up in the backyard.  Hollis looked so cute and when it came time for cake, she held court like a true princess.  She sat in her high chair and nibbled at her cake with the most joyful smile on her face!  It was a moment I am so happy to witness!
Adeline partied like a rockstar and crashed in the car on the way to the airport.  She splashed her heart out at the water table, so I stripped her down before we loaded up.

 These celebrations are so special.  To see my 92 year old grandparents celebrating their great grandchildren is a gift in it's self.   And to be surrounded by the love and support of my close family is a blessing unmatched by anything else in life.  We have each other.  Such a gift.
The whole weekend was super fun and I had a great time shopping and escaping my daily routine.  William and Dada had another boys weekend (a post of it's own!), but they were definately happy to see their girls when we returned to Tulsa.   
As for the flight back home, I am happy to say that the plane wasn't full and Adeline and I got an entire row to ourselves.  55 minutes of exploring, playing, eating, shouting to hear her voice, opening the tray table, closing the tray table, reading the magazines, tearing the magazines, raising the window shade, banging the seat belts, laughing at mom, digging in mom's bag, taking apart mom's bag, shoes on, shoes off, standing in the seat, peek-a-boo with the dear lady behind us, spilling snacks, etc.  55 minutes of good times with my girl!

Long live Girls Weekend!


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