Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's a........(Baby #3)

Today was my big ultrasound for Baby Barron #3.  This day is always so exciting to me because it's one more chance to see my sweet baby in person.  However, this day also makes me so nervous.  I just want to see a healthy baby on the screen and hear the doctor tell me that everything looks great.  Since Adeline was a high risk baby, the anticipation for today was even more heavy on my heart.  Thankfully, our appointment was excellent and Baby Barron #3 checked out with 10 fingers, 10 toes and a great big yawn!  Praise the Lord!  God is good! 

And you know what the "big ultrasound" means.......GENDER reveal!  Since we have one of each, I really thought hard about if I really wanted to know the baby's gender this time around......I thought for about 3 seconds.  I thought really hard. ha!  I just can't stand not knowing! 

I am truly so thankful to be pregnant.  I am so in awe of these babies God has given me.  There is simply nothing in my life as miraculous as growing a precious life.  I want to savor every second of every single tiny movement and milestone.  So I HAVE to know who is in there knocking on my belly and getting the hiccups. 


So after my appointment, the technician handed me a sealed envelope.  Inside was my long awaited answer.  Oh how I wanted to open that envelope with every fiber of my being......but I didn't.  I stayed strong! 

I delivered the envelope to the lady behind the counter at the grocery store bakery.  She was the first person to know if I was having a son or daughter.  Funny how that happens....I laughed to myself thinking how this stranger knows the biggest secret in my life and yet we aren't even friends or family!  ha!  She gladly took the envelope and I instructed her to fill a cupcake with pink or blue icing.  I returned in a few minutes to find 6 cupcakes ready to go home with me for the big reveal!
William was in charge of our festivities.  He was SO excited and took his job of biting into the cupcake VERY SERIOUSLY.  After giving a detailed commentary into the video camera, William picked up the cupcake with the yellow diaper pin.  This was the one cupcake the baker filled with icing. 
Drum Roll...........and William took a bite out of the cupcake.  I asked him if he could tell what color was inside and he said, "I think blue."  When he turned the cupcake around, he had actually taken a bite of the icing, not the cake part with the filling.  So, he was judging off a few blue sprinkles that fell into his hand. ha!
I had him bite into the cake part and after swallowing a HUGE mouthful of cake, William proudly turned the cupcake around and said.....


We all cheered with delight and celebrated the joy in PINK! A new baby girl!  How exciting and what a thrill for Adeline to have a sister just 18 months apart from her.  I was so busy processing the excitement that I didn't even notice Adeline waltz over to the cupcake table and grab one for herself! 
My little lady found joy in the PINK too!  She feasted on her own sugar and loved every single bite!
I could tell in Dada's face how excited he was to know that he'd have another little girl in his life.  The way he loves Adeline and the bond they share leaves me speechless.  I cannot imagine the magnitude of love that this new little girl will bring to his life. 
Baby $3, you are the delight of our hearts and loved from the tips of your toes to the top of your head!  We cannot wait to meet you in October.  I am forever thankful for you.   


And here's one last shot of my two men.  They might be out numbered, but two things are certain. 

1.  The little man on the left is the best big brother any girl could ask for and my daughters will one day see how lucky they are to have William lead the way.

2.  The man on the right is smiling in terror.  He could be broke in about 20 years.


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